Wholefood meals for dogs with big personalities. 

Delivering locally prepared, nutritionally complete meals for dogs of all sizes.  


Feed Your Dog with Purpose: Discover Our Sustainable, Wholefood Dog Meals, starting from $3 per day.

Australian Quality

Fresh human-grade ingredients from Aussie producers.

Home Delivered

Perfectly timed and portioned, fresh to your door.

Eco Friendly

100% home compostable and recyclable packaging. 


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"Winnie had her first go at Pip Eats this morning. I gave her the lamb and she lapped it up for both breakfast and dinner which is a wonderful sign since recently she hasn't been motivated for breakfast and only seems to want dinner." 


- Rebecca


"Thank you, this is working so well as we don't have to think about what to feed Fuji and she absolutely loves it and demands to be fed by doing big spins around and gets very excited when it's dinner time!" 



- Ross

Love your work

"I hoped Archie would like and tolerate the meals but what I didn't expect was how much happier he seems, he's playing a lot more and wagging his tail lots more too. We hadn't realised he was so miserable on his old food until we've seen this personality change. Love your work!" 

- Sam



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