Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Pip Eats because we believe in real, demonstrable environmental accountability.

We spent 18 months developing our packaging and recipes before we launched our range of wholefood meals. Why? Because in 2018 our family crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a 40 foot sailing yacht and 14+ days offshore, there was plastic floating by our boat.  It wasn't new to see plastic in the water but to be this far from land and still see it? It’s something you cannot unsee. Our kids were genuinely horrified, and we made a pact as a family to do better.

The result; there’s no single-use plastic AT ALL in PIp Eats packaging and we’re ridiculously proud to be Australia’s first pet food company to deliver truly environmentally appropriate packaging.

When you order Pip Eats, expect your meals to arrive in recyclable cardboard packaging and paper insulation. Open the box and you’ll find our heart shaped patties lovingly nestled in a 100% home compostable vacuum sealed bag made of eucalypt.  Cut it up and pop it into your compost or worm farm to literally see it disappear within 8 weeks.

Because let’s be honest, businesses who are ‘planting a tree’ to justify their ongoing use of plastic, donating 1% of their profits from products wrapped in plastic or packaging items in industrially compostable bioplastics that can’t be recycled in NSW just doesn't cut it any more.

By purchasing Pip Eats you're supporting our local family business genuinely doing the best we can environmentally every single day.