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Dogs who have been fed the same food for a long time are sometimes a little hesitant when it comes to change. Begin by adding a little Pip Eats to their existing meal and gently increase the ratio with each meal, being careful not to overfeed: the rule is substitute, don’t add! Sensitive dog’s digestive systems take a little while to acclimatise to a diet change so don’t be alarmed if you find a runny poo or two during transition. However if your pup is super uncomfortable, use your common sense and don't increase the ratio immediately. A fortnight is generally the optimum time to see your dog happily licking their bowl clean of Pip Eats wholefood meals. Go gently and take your time if longer suits, and of course talk to your vet to discuss your dog’s specific needs.

How do I transition my dog to Pip Eats?

Yes! Pip Eats meals have been developed by a highly qualified, board certified Veterinary Nutritionist with over 25 years experience in this specific field. In our Sydney based commercial kitchen we combine fresh restaurant quality, human grade Australian meat, to specific fresh local veggies plus carefully selected vitamins and minerals and supplements before snap freezing in heart shaped patties and delivering it to you. Have a good look at the food when you receive your first order – you can literally see the individual fresh ingredients in our recipes. Not only is our food fresh, locally sourced, human grade and perfectly portioned, it meets and exceeds the internationally recognised AAFCO standard for Adult Dogs.

Our delicious Australian chicken, grass fed lamb, beef and veggies are sourced locally and restaurant quality - you’d be happy to eat them yourself! Delivered to our local Northern Beaches commercial kitchen in Sydney, we use Steggles chicken breast, Junee grass fed lamb and locally sourced NSW beef steak. We add organic green lipped mussel powder from New Zealand and Atlantic Kelp which is also organic comes from Canada.

Pip Eats is fresh, raw food that we've snap frozen to maintain the important nutrients. A growing body of scientific evidence tells us that healthy food is better for humans and our pets too. Pip Eats is human quality, fresh, tasty and full of vitamins and minerals. It’s as simple as that. You’ll literally see the difference in your dog’s vitality, skin, breath and stools within weeks.

Pip Eats is healthy and satiating for dogs of all sizes because our wholefood meals are complete and nutritionally balanced to meet and exceed AAFCO standard. Pip Eats heart shaped patties are 90 grams each making them a versatile choice to feed exactly the amount of food you intend whether you have a large or small dog.

PipEats wholefood recipes are prepared at our gourmet commercial kitchen in Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches where we are compliant and licenced by the NSW Health Department. Our ingredients are human grade, restaurant quality and our purpose built kitchen is immaculate. In fact, we’re so proud of our kitchen we welcome you to call us if you’d like to visit.

Our team have worked hard with our board certified Veterinary Nutritionist to make sure Pip Eats meals are high quality and recipes are prepared with a variety of delicious natural ingredients that together meet and exceed AAFCO standard meaning there is no need to cook them. We include organic calcium in our recipes, not crushed bone so if you want to, you can confidently cook our patties should your pooch prefer this - just be sure to avoid adding oil or anything other than a little water if cooking.


The PipEats meal planner has been developed by our Vet Nutritionist with over 25 years experience specialising in dog nutrition. To calculate your dog’s daily requirement, ideal meal size and to choose your preferred proteins and recipes simply click here and enter your dogs weight.

Pip Eats range of meals currently includes Cheeky Chicken, Luscious Lamb and Brilliant Beef. All recipes are single protein so you can be confident you know exactly what your dog is eating - particularly helpful if undertaking an elimination diet should your dog have allergies. If your dog requires specific proteins, choose those that will best suit them, but if variety is the spice of your dog's life be sure to include a mix of all our recipes when you place your order.

Pip Eats patties are snap frozen to ensure their nutritional value and longevity in your freezer. Simply defrost your dog's meals in the fridge and then serve or defrost in your microwave being careful not to over heat them before serving. If your dog is a fussy eater or prefers their meals cooked you can easily cook patties to their liking. Please 'dry' fry or use a little water to create a little broth with the meal rather than using oil etc when cooking.

Yes! Large dogs will get all the nutritional benefit they need from a complete Pip Eats diet. Should your very large dog be a huge eater, owners can feed Pip Eats as a topper on their dog's existing food giving them the benefit of wholefood in an otherwise bland diet.

Absolutely! Puppies will benefit from Pip Eats wholefood nutrition. Under 10 months we recommend adding a little extra fat (via treats or puppy specific food) to our meals.

Yes, our recipes have many ingredients that are especially important for older dogs who may have arthritis and other inflammatory issues. Included in our recipes is organic NZ green mussel powder which is especially important for older dogs’ health and wellbeing. Many of our customers are older dogs whose owners are seeking wholefood nutrition and meal time joy for their loyal older senior dogs.

We recommend your dog’s daily nutrition allowance be split into morning and evening meals however your vet is your best resource if you are considering feeding once per day or your dog has specific health requirements.

Where & When We Deliver

Great news! PipEats is now home delivered to all of NSW, Victoria and most of Queensland. We have parntered with a couple of cold chain delivery couriers to ensure your product arrives fresh and ready to go into your freezer. Enter your postcode at checkout to see your available delivery dates or CLICK HERE to add your details to keep up to date as we expand further across Australia.

When you place your order you can choose your delivery date. We'll also text you to confirm your date and two hour delivery window the night before we arrive. While we do everything we can to meet the delivery date offered to you, from time to time disruptions in our cold chain delivery network mean that we have to advise we'll be late. PipEats will always do our best to keep you in the loop when this happens given the frozen nature of our meals.

Yes! When you order, simply provide your address and as many specific delivery instructions as you can. Be sure to provide your mobile number to us too in case we need to contact you. While all care is taken during transit, unfortunately we cannot be responsible for deliveries once we have dropped off your meals so urge you to be home on your delivery day especially if you live in an apartment complex with a common reception area.

Skipping Deliveries, Costs & Returns

Pip Eats meals start at just $2.50 a day. Enter your dog's weight here to see your best option - joining our pack means you receive 20% off every single order with our Regular Delivery service however we offer Trial Packs too if you just want to see how your dog goes to start off with.

Your PIp Eats meals can be shipped via cold chain courier within 48 hours of placing your order. Choose your delivery date at checkout by entering your dog's weight in the Pip Eats meal planner.

Our Regular Delivery Customers can choose fortnightly or monthly delivery.

You’ll be charged at checkout when you place your first order. If you're on our discounted Regular Delivery service you'll be charged two days before your meals are shipped each fortnight or month.

Going on holidays or need a break? No problem, just login to your account [link to Login page] to skip or tweak your next delivery. With Pip Eats there is no commitment that locks you in to our Regular Delivery service so if you need to cancel just let us know before your order is billed. While we'll be sad to see you go and know your dog is no longer getting Pip Eats wholefood meals, we'll understand and cancel your order immediately.

Our Regular Delivery meal service is our best value option and set by you based on the weight of your dog, however if you ever want to tweak the amount of meals you are getting just let us know.

Alternatively, Pip Eats Trial Packs include 3 boxes (36 x 90 gram heart shaped patties) as a single, one off order to give your dog the opportunity to try our delish wholefood meals.

Pip Eats is made from natural, fresh wholefood ingredients so dogs generally love it, however if your dog is traditionally a fussy eater we recommend transitioning gently to give them time to get used to our wholesome and tasty recipes.

Due to the frozen nature of our meals we do not offer refunds after purchase and delivery however please contact us if you would like to explore our Picky Pup Guarantee

Pip Eats is delivered frozen in eco friendly insulation and packaging to maintain your pup’s food at optimum temperature as long of possible without the addition of environmentally damaging ice packs etc.

We are always pleased when our customers are home so that meals go straight into the freezer, but otherwise we'll endeavour to leave your delivery in a protected spot and SMS you immediately.

Portions & Packaging

Pip Eats ninety gram (90g) heart shaped patties are unique in their look, shape and size to make portioning your dog's diet a breeze and ensure you do not overfeed. Our meals are transparently healthy - you can literally see the wholefood ingredients in our patties which are made with a lot of love!

100%. In fact, we're the only pet food company in Australia to use NO plastic whatsoever in our packaging. Pip Eats shipping cartons, boxes and even our insulation is all paper recyclable. But it gets better - even our inner vacuum seal bags are home compostable to Australian standards and proven to break down in a compost bin or worm farm within eight weeks.

At Pip Eats we don't believe planting a tree or claiming to be carbon neutral cuts it - find our more about our commitment to sustainability here.

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