Our pinkie-paw promise to you and your pet

Pip Eats promises to always use quality human-grade ingredients
that will not only delight your dog but nourish them too.

Our 2 dogs are healthier and happier than ever after switching to pip eats. Really affordable and each meal is packed with ingredients I would struggle to source myself! A nutritious diet is the key to a long puppy life ❤️ thanks Zoe and Gus! (The kindest home delivery is a perk 😊)

Angela Bolton

My Shelley is a very fussy eater and I have been trying to get her to eat raw since she was 8 weeks old. We tried Big Dog Barf, Butchers Dog and many others. I have to mix her raw with cooked, lamb, liver, or chicken, turkey etc. I still have to do this with your raw food but she will eat your food where the other she would eat around. Thank you.

Robyn Waters

I cannot recommend Pip Eats enough! Last year, my dog Kobi won the prestigious title of Northern Beaches Dog of the Year. As a generous gesture, Zoe gifted us a taster pack of their dog food, consisting of lamb, chicken, and beef flavors. Let me tell you, Kobi absolutely adores this food! In fact, it's one of the only things he will eat, apart from treats of course.

Zoe, the owner of Pip Eats, is an incredible person both inside and out. She is kind, patient, and empathetic, always going above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Her partner, Guy, is equally amazing and together they make a fantastic team. It's evident that they have a true passion for creating dog food that makes a dramatic difference in the lives of our furry friends.

What sets Pip Eats apart is their dedication to transparency. They invite customers to come and see how the food is prepared and witness the care taken in maintaining a hygienic and nutritious environment. The facility is packed full of delicious, wholesome ingredients that not only protect the stomach, organs, and coat of our dogs but also provide them with the necessary nutrients for optimal health.

We have been using Pip Eats for the past year and it has been a game-changer for us. The quality of their dog food is unparalleled, and we will never look back. Thank you, Zoe, Guy, and Pip, for your outstanding product and exceptional customer service. We couldn't be happier with our experience and we highly recommend Pip Eats to all dog owners out there.

Joshua Carr

Hey there! My name is Marley. I'm nearly 13 and I think I'm a pretty good looking Groodle. My mind thinks I'm 3 still but my body doesn't seem to agree....but, get this, yesterday I got the zoomies again! OMG! Mum started giving me this new delicious food from Pip Eats. I LOVE IT! And believe me when I say, I can drive Mum wild with my fussy eating. Sorry Mum. So, I just want to put it out there that this food is THE BOMB! You have to try and get it into your bowl asap. Maybe drag your Mum to the markets and plonk yourself in front of the stall. Dig your heels in and you might even get a freebie. Ciao. Might see you down there. xxx

Christina Daniel

A great friend of mine purchased pip eats from the Mosman Markets in December 2022, for our precious little Annie. We have not looked back. There is no other product on the market that is of the quality of Pip Eats. Well done to Zoe and Guy for creating such great food for our fur babies. Their service is outstanding and their passion for creating great food is exceptional. Our precious pup has an aggressive cancerous tumour at the back of her throat and struggles to swallow. This food is our saviour. Annie loves the chicken heart shaped patties. The freezer is full, so that we don't run out. Well done to Zoe and guy to have the courage and foresight in creating amazing nutritional food for our pets, as no other food comes close to the quality from Pipsqueak Pets.

Sheryll Kershaw

Pip Eats is a business that truely believes in their product. I was lucky enough to meet them through my business and I was really impressed by how passionate they are in providing the highest grade quality food for dogs that I have ever seen as well they also provide a personal service to look after their customers. My little dog is very spoilt by her mother and has become a very picky eater, however she absolutely loves it when she sees a heart shaped "Pip Eats" meal coming her way.

Kevin Case

I am so grateful for this food! My dogs have never been healthier and happier! I have 2 beautiful Westies who have sensitive stomaches and grateful for this made with love food! PLUS love supporting small business!

Scarlett Vespa

Purely by chance we came across this business but so glad we did.
They seem passionate about the product and seeing the kitchen I know it’s not just mass produced overseas and bundled up to look nice - it’s the real deal and delivered to your door!
We have a boxer dog, she enjoyed the beef patties and just placed an order for the Tasting Pack.
Highly recommend this product for your pet!

Dom Rowswell

An awesome dog food service!! ❤️❤️

Zoe and Pip are an owner and dachaund duo who have created delicious meal prep for dogs in the shape of love hearts, every time my dachaund finished his dinner he would roll in glee around the carpet. So much care and love within this business, is evident in every interaction I’ve had-

Highly recommend spoiling your pup with these meals! Thanks Zoe and Pip for a great idea

Queen Of Hearts

The best food, our dog loves it and it has really settled her tummy. And Zoe and Guy are so lovely, delivering extra food the next day when our freezer broke.

Sarah McNeilly

Hi, I’m the Mum of two precious pooches! We were given the opportunity to try “Pipsqueakes”. Our Maisy & Piper both loved it 😊 It’s packed full of nutrition and obviously made with love ❤️ The frozen, meal size Patties, were delivered to my door. Another important thing to me, is supporting a local small business. To the business owners, well done on your concept and marketing 👏 Best of luck 💫

Aunty Sue

This is the BEST!! My dog loves the food, I love the friendly, professional service and flexibility of Zoe and Guy, the quality of their products and their obvious love of their business is wonderful. Please feel free to post this anywhere.
Richielou and Shadow the Staffy

richielou bridgett

Our two Daschunds just love this food. So healthy, delivery to our door and each one is the perfect size. Great Service too!

Matina Howes

Pips Eats is very nutritious dog food - just take a look at the long list of ingredients. Our Cavoodle (who admittedly isn't particularly discerning) wolfed it down in seconds. I only read later that you're supposed to blend it in with your dog's regular dog food. Handy having meal sized portions delivered to your door too.

Dan Simpson

We discovered Pip Eats by accident, just as it was launching and thought we would try it for our pooch. It is fantastic! Fresh, nutritious, easy to serve portions are delivered fortnightly. We have been customers for almost a year now and our dog just loves his Pip Eats! Highly recommended.

Wayne Gluyas

This is a fantastic product, with a great delivery service. Very fresh and our dog just loves it. Highly recommended.

Danielle and Stephen D'Emilio